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Owners' Blog - Knightsbridge Body Corporate - Century City, Cape Town

Feedback from Owners

Jill Flynn, W607 – 19/05/2017

Thank you Trustees for the monthly communication and much appreciation for the good news and work of the Trustees as volunteers.

Sanjay Hoolasi, T605 – 19/04/2017

I would like to convey my appreciation to the Trustees for all their efforts and hard work to ensure that all the gaps at Knightsbridge are addressed. While many owners may be blissfully unaware of these gaps and may be sleeping peacefully, the Trustees are working tirelessly to fix the gaping holes that were left behind by the previous board and managing agent. The communication that is being sent out to owners is very comprehensive and informative. Thank you again for your involvement, efforts and the professionalism that is now evident in the management of Knightsbridge.

Mohamed Osman, E304 – 27/03/2017

Thank you Daphne Bolton for your responses to emails. I appreciate all the work you have put in over the past few months. It is noticeable and appreciated.

Monrique & Kelly Goliath, T301 – 10/03/2017

Being new owners, my wife and I would like to express how humbled and grateful we are for the warm welcome and professionalism we received from you, Daphne Bolton and your staff. Thank you for all your assistance and cooperation with our renovations and moving in. You truly made it an exciting and pleasant experience, considering the challenges. Thank you also for having an open door policy. You and your staff have gone over and above for us and we are touched by that. We are very impressed with the maintenance, uphold and cleanliness of the facilities and grounds. We truly cannot fault the complex in any way and would like to applaud you on a job well done. Thank you once again to you and your staff for playing such an important role in the start of our journey at Knightsbridge. We are beyond grateful.

Jill Flynn, W607 – 27/02/2017

My immense gratitude to the 4 Trustees. I really appreciate the updates and flavorful communication along with the good intentions depicted in every trustee letter.

Dianne Cohen, T902 – 17/11/2016

I just want to commend you, Daphne Bolton, Thembi and the fantastic team, on a job so well done. Knightsbridge has not looked so good and clean since you Daphne have taken over. To start with the inside of our building, the gym is sparking clean at all times. Everywhere it looks good, as well as the new paint job to the foyer. It really looks good. The gardens are neat, clean and so colourful. Beautiful flowers are everywhere. Well done to all involved.

Pat Pillay, T504 – 21/10/2016

As owners of Towers 504, my husband and I take great pride and really enjoy seeing the progress being made by the new building manager, Daphne Bolton and her team. The gardens, the entrance foyer, the boardroom, the general maintenance are all contributing to the high standards and amazing image that Knightsbridge portrays amongst the many other complexes in the area. From the point of interacting with the ever so helpful security guards, to passing by the cleaners and having the fortunate chance of meeting our hardworking, smiling building manager, it's just positive vibes all the way. Daphne has shown the strength and tenacity in turning the image of Knightsbridge completely around from being a cold concrete building to one of warmth, high standards, exclusivity, and class. She really is a people's person, always smiling and running around with contractors and workers. We would watch out our windows while having our coffee in our pyjamas and there was Daphne downstairs in the cold wind early in the morning busy with contractors. If only I could arrange to clone her for my complex in Umhlanga where I am also a trustee, it would be great. Thank you Daphne Bolton and your team and the trustees for the hard work and the service with a smile attitude.

Abdul Habib, T1201 – 18/10/2016

Thank you Daphne Bolton for the excellent job you are doing and for making such a significant contribution to our building Knightsbridge, which we call home. I would like to share my opinion on the new chic look of our main foyer. I've been living in this building for going on 8 years and never has the building had so many positive changes in such a short period of time. The choice of colours is extraordinary and capturing a great feeling. The furniture layout and accessories complement and enhances the space. The simplest of lights make such a difference when you look in from outside the main door.

Zeena Murphy, T906 – 09/10/2016

I just returned from a month abroad on holiday and was pleasantly surprised by the new look of KB. I noticed the difference immediately as my taxi approached the front gate. That ugly maroon has vanished. I was even more surprise by the entrance of KB, it's modern, fresh and Wow! I am sure Daphne, you are getting a lot of reviews about this, but it's absolutely stunning.

Grace Wang, T603 – 08/10/2016

I would like to compliment you Daphne Bolton on the new colours painted in the foyer. It is fresh and vibrant. Keep up the good work. Thanks a mill.

Michael Hoffmann, W403 – 07/10/2016

Thank you Daphne Bolton. I find the new look of the Towers main entrance refreshing. More now, it looks like a foyer, and has a lobby style, rather than just an entrance. It feels more inviting and welcoming like a home, instead of the previously, clinic, sterile appearance. Looks like you've got my kind of taste.

David Wangai, W704 – 06/10/2016

I really appreciate you Daphne Bolton for your contributions to Knightsbridge so far. I have recently noticed the new colour theme of the main foyer in Towers and really like it. Change for the better, is always welcomed. I am glad to have you as a dedicated and caring member of Knightsbridge.

Mr & Mrs Habib, T1201 – 18/09/2016

I have lived in Knightsbridge for 8 years and would like to mention that the building’s cleanliness and maintenance is well-kept. The building manager, Daphne Bolton is incredibly accommodating and always on top of things. My floor that I live on is always clean and well maintained. Daphne is always walking around and checking if everything is in order. In the 8 years that I have been living here, Daphne is by far the best building manager Knightsbridge has had. The assistant building manager is also always ready and willing to offer his assistance, whether he is on duty or off from work. Both Daphne and Thembi are doing a good job by always being very helpful and pleasant. I must point out that this is by far the best managed building that I have lived in.

Charles & Barbara Timms, W1002 – 27/08/2016

We would like to thank you, Daphne Bolton for your work and compliment you on the progress we have noted during your short tenure. We can certainly see a difference and thank you for the attention to the aesthetics of the interior of the building. Thank you also for accommodating our requests pertaining to the previous lack of proper information flow to non-resident owners, many of whom do not see messages posted at the lifts. We are very pleased and impressed with the design and content of the new website and the regular news updates you provide. It may not always be good news, but at least it is keeping everyone informed, which is, what owners want. Please do keep up the good work for Knightsbridge and we wish you well for the future.

V & S Moodley, T1201 – 12/06/2016

Thank you, Daphne for bringing about positive change to Knightsbridge. As owners we at times use to be dissatisfied with the cleaning of the building. Since you however came on board, things just changed for the better. Everywhere it is clean and the gardens looking good. We look forward to the many changes you will still introduce and commit to support you

Ms. Gail, T404 – 20/05/2016

Daphne, I’m very impressed with the garden lighting and the new lights in the Towers lift. I very rarely go out in the evenings but I get a warm fuzzy feeling when I drive in and get into the lift. It is a pleasure to live in Knightsbridge. I am sure the new owners at Manhattan Quarter will be very envious

Showket & Aarfah, T1003 – 18/04/2016

I want to commend you, Daphne for your efforts on the LED lights on the lifts. What a difference it makes, especially from the boom gate. WOW. We noticed and appreciate your attention to detail and relentless determination to release quality & innovative ideas at KB. We are proud to have you as the building manager and look forward to your future contributions

Mr & Mrs R L Vann, T1101 - 10/03/2016

We wish to place on record our constructive comments and appreciation regarding Daphne Bolton as our Building Manager. As Knightsbridge residents, we have over recent months requested her advice, assistance and co-operation allied to 'residency issues' that have arisen that would directly or indirectly impact on our residency. At all times Daphne has responded with courtesy and expressed a personal interest and intention to resolve the issue as quickly as possible......... on occasion assisting us beyond her recognized office hours in order to obtain closure. We're well aware that a Building Managers portfolio represents a daunting responsibility! Thank you Knightsbridge Trustees but more importantly ''thank You and well done'' Daphne Bolton

Mark and Debbie, E601 – 09/02/2016

We haven't met you yet Daphne because we are from the UK and only stay for 3 months each year. But I have asked for your email address both to say "hello", but also to say "thank you" because we can see a big difference at Knightsbridge compared to when we were here last year. Everywhere is looking clean and bright and we can see that a lot of effort has gone into making that happen. Thanks so much for your effective input and keep up the good work.

Gail Herfst, T404 – 01/02/2016

I arrived here on 22nd October from Johannesburg after 30 years. I have to tell you it is like being in a 5 star hotel – thanks especially to you, Daphne and the “guys”. Everywhere is spotless, organized and working. No-one can feel a stranger as everyone helps with directions and queries about parking etc. I walk to the shops at least once a day and I’m greeted with your happy smiling face along with the security guards and cleaners. Thank you for making this home

Mr & Ms Rawoot, T1003 – 22/01/2016

We are owners of T1003 and been staying here for the past 5 months. Having a vested interest in the complex, we are very proud owners of Knightsbridge. The Gym & pool and garden always well maintained, Fire extinguishers are serviced regularly and the Body corporate Rules are always enforced. Notices with feedback always updated. The general upkeep of the place is tops. Daphne, your staff is doing an excellent job, always friendly and always greeting and we know that is due to your extraordinary leadership. We know that you put in a tremendous number of hours during staff training. Your feedback is always swift and with a decent explanation. I want to take the time to let you know what an excellent job you are doing. With deep appreciation for a job well done. Hope you will continue the good work in the future